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When Was the Last Time You Said Grace?

by Pawel Biedrzycki

A question to which our answer might put us to shame, but one that definitely stimulates the mind to think more positively is what are the benefits of saying grace? A wise man whose name has long ago been lost in the sands of time once said that “a family who eats together stays together.”

Nothing provides a family with a stronger feeling of togetherness then regaling each other with a humble approach to life. Even the most experienced lawyer would have a hard time debating the notion that anyone who says grace does not say it alone but rather with people they love and trust. This promotes eating together as a family every day, rather than one person eating right after work, the next after the Leaf game, and the third after watching Game of Thrones reruns.

The turkey which has been in the oven all day, sizzling at a comfortable 350 degrees will still cool off within an hour if it is not enjoyed at the right time. Could this be the reason that we are able to get together for our meaningful Turkey Day dinner, with family and friends more punctually than with any other meal during the year?

Interestingly, on a day like Thanksgiving, when we should all be humble, grateful and in the company of loved ones, many of us fail to reflect and give thanks to the many blessings that we have in our lives. Sure we may donate some spare change or some clothes that we no longer have any use for, but what is it that we really do to grow our Psyche into helping us be better and stronger people?

Perhaps it would do us all some good to be thankful for all that we have, rather than focusing on what we don’t. My friends, my recommendations for the week is simple: count your blessings more often than you count your money.

Pawel Biedrzycki is a practising psychotherapist in Toronto and the GTA, Canada.