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outbreath meditation

Meditation using your breath is an age-old practice. Using your breath – as opposed to a candle flame or prayer beads or a mala – as a point of focus is so convenient, because your breath is always with you. This is obvious but worth saying. We forget that breath is always with us – that breath is life.

Here’s a simple yet powerful meditation using your outbreath. You can do it anywhere.

Try it now.

You might be sitting, standing or lying down. It doesn’t matter. Just be aware of your body. Feel the contact of your body on your seat or bed or the floor. If you’re standing, be aware of the contact of your feet on the ground. Now, simply be aware of your breath. Be aware of your in-breath and your out-breath. Try to be as relaxed as possible.

Now, notice that your outbreath is actually a movement of relaxation. It provides an opportunity to stabilize. As you breathe out, you are creating a space inside of you.

This is a space where tensions loosen up, like a knot coming loose or undone. It’s a space where things get freed up. You can use it to ease bodily tensions or to pose questions to yourself such as “Why am I here?” or “What does this mean?”

Simply stay with this for a few minutes. It’s a simple and effective and an easy way to maintain and build well-being.