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about tina

Tina is a practicing psychiatrist in Toronto, author, mindfulness & wellness coach. She is affiliated with the University of Toronto and is the Immediate Past Chair of the Psychotherapy Section of the Ontario Psychiatric Association and a founding member of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association, a Harvard Medical School affiliate. She has been recognized a Top Doctor.


Tina was also a recipient of the Knights of Malta Award in Medical Ethics and the University of Toronto Resident Psychotherapy Prize.

Tina was born in India and grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada spending most of her childhood summers and undergraduate years travelling around the UK and Europe.

During her undergraduate years she studied recombinant DNA technologies and other areas of cancer research and biomolecular medicine, as well as music and French. She graduated with a BSc Honors in biochemistry from Dalhousie University and attended Dalhousie Medical School. Tina spent her elective periods overseas working in obstetrical units and rural cold chain immunization programs.

After graduating from medical school she practiced family and general medicine for a number of years.

She later obtained her specialty training in Psychiatry from the University of Toronto, focusing on psychosomatics, psychooncology, and psychotherapy. Tina’s current practice interests include the contemporary psychotherapies and mindfulness.


Healing & Mindfulness

While Tina is a physician and psychiatrist, she is also trained in vibrational energy medicine. Tina maintains a personal yoga and meditation practice. A student of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, she is interested in their applications and relevance to modern life and the contemporary psychotherapies. Recently, Tina has been developing her practice of yogapsychotherapy as a way to increase her own level of well being and happiness as well as for others.



Tina is the author of two books. The Heart that Heals Itself: Discovering Emotional Riches Through Meditations and Reflections and Mindfulness In Italy, Momenti D’oro, Golden Moments. She co-authored with Raffaella Covino Cooking in the Heart of Italy: Recipes from my Kitchen in Villamena, a collection of traditional Umbrian recipes.



Tina’s Story…

On Valentines Day, 2007, Dr. Tina Chadda barely escaped with two of her youngest children, when a gas explosion leveled her next-door neighbors home and her neighbour and friend lost her life. Dr. Chadda’s own home was also destroyed and her life and that of her family was thrown into disarray.

The family of six lost all their material possessions. The pressure this event put on her family has been trying. It would be almost three years before the family could rebuild and finally return to their home. And just as they were beginning to reclaim their former lives, her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

“From this period of deep darkness I learned that life could change in a single heartbeat. It can change for the worse, or for the better. One single, solitary heartbeat is all it takes for your life to go in an entirely different direction. Although devastated from this profound loss, for the first time in my life, I felt truly grateful for simply being alive and for the love of family, and the idea of ‘home’ took on a very different meaning.”

In the days and weeks that followed including a seven year legal battle with the insurance
and gas companies, she started to see things in a whole new way.

abouttina2“I was reminded that I needed a certain peace of mind and to open my heart to let love in again in order for our family not only to survive but flourish. Through that powerful force of love, we discover the richness of being human. Love is the strongest, most positive and potent force in the universe. Love is, and creates, a vortex of attraction from which all goodness and achievement derive.”

Tina started writing inspirational notes to herself, began meditating and using the practice of mindfulness and self-healing.

Today she dedicates herself to helping others heal by letting love into their hearts and not only by surviving but thriving.

The Heart that Heals itself: Discovering Emotional Riches through Meditations & part of Tina’s story.