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Limoncello Recipe

Limoncello has many uses including being served as aperitif or as an ingredient in other recipes.

Making homemade limoncello isn’t difficult. You need time and you must use completely untreated (organic) lemons.

8 organic lemons
1 quart or 950 ml alcohol, 90%
14 ounces or 410 ml sugar
1 quart or 950 ml bottled still water

Peel the lemons. Keep the lemons for another use. Place the peels in a large container with alcohol. Close tightly and leave it a cool place for a week. Shake gently a couple of times a day. On the last day, prepare a syrup from the sugar and bottled water. Never allow the water to boil. Stir and simmer for five minutes. Then allow the syrup to cool. Strain the lemon-scented alcohol through cheesecloth, discard the lemon peels, and mix the alcohol into the syrup. Mix thoroughly before bottling. Allow the limoncello to sit for 3 days before using.

This recipe is an adaption of Ricardo Baracchi’s limoncello recipe from In Tuscany.