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as a speaker

Tina is a sought-after speaker about ways to Create a Foundation for Living through mindfulness, meditation, positive practices and wellness.

Her inspirational talks include:
  • Ways to discover the tools within that will guide you in your transformation to a constant state of self-repair and self-healing
  • How to learn to regulate stress and increase resilience
  • Understand how to be fully and lovingly present in life, for yourself, for your partner, for your children, and for your colleagues and clients
Tina on The Heart that Heals Itself:

I wrote The Heart that Heals Itself as a guide for others who may be experiencing challenges in their own lives and need a way in, or path to, their own self-discovery and healing. The reflections and meditations in the book can used in various ways: as antidotes for overcoming personal pain, points of learning, or as guided meditations. Phrases can also serve as a consolation or a deepening of a moment in the reader’s emotional journey for the day, or a lifetime.

Tina on Transformation:

True healing is a transformative process that picks up where successful medical or psychological treatment leaves off. You must actively pursue it. Because the fullness of our lives is experienced in the heart, the active pursuit of happiness and healing must be heart-focused.