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8 ways to increase your resilience

Resilience is that factor in you that allows you to bounce back from adversity. It’s also what allows you to stay aligned to your life’s overall purpose and goals when things get challenging or complicated. It’s a mental toughness that keeps you going and prevents you from giving up.

We’re forced to consider our level resilience when we’re challenged in some way – it could be financial stress, the breakup of a relationship, or running a marathon. These are examples of psychic or emotional “pain” we all experience on a regular basis. Some examples are certainly more painful than others and some situations are desired whereas others are not.

Resilience is a reserve deep inside of you that you can draw upon for support when you need to. It’s like a bank account that you withdraw money from. The difference is that this “bank account” consists of emotional, physical, and spiritual elements in addition to the usual financial factors. You may not always know when you are using your resilience to get you through a certain situation.

Some people are naturally more resilient and in part it is genetic. Recent research shows that we can increase our level of resilience. Sports coaches and business coaches help their clients become more resilient through resiliency training.

You can increase your resilience. Here are 8 ways:

  • Face your fear and proceed with faith.
  • Choose to be optimistic.
  • Choose to experience positive emotions.
  • Look at things from all angles.
  • Re-examine your positivity for growth.
  • Learn to accept your situation.
  • Accept support from those around you.
  • Review your life’s purpose, focusing on your core values and sense of spirituality.

Increasing your resilience allows you to enjoy better and more even mood states, to not be reactive, and to not become bitter and angry. Enhanced resilience lets you feel and be strong. All of these factors are key in being successful, cultivating wellness and staying strong and beautiful.