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open your heart and create your path



I’m Dr. Tina Chadda, a psychiatrist, physician, parent, teacher, and psychotherapist.
I combine the science of the West and its best practices with spirituality, mindfulness, and positive psychology to help you discover new ways to create a heart-mind centered Foundation for Living. The combination of traditional practices infused with fresh insight into the intricacies of the human soul provides a potent vehicle for transformation. This powerful merging of the conscious with the unconscious offers a rich and uniquely personalized path to fulfillment, contentment and happiness.
I hope you take time for yourself to browse through this site, read a blog or two, learn about self-discovery and even try out one of my recipes inspired by past wellness retreat adventures to Italy. The important thing is to take time for yourself, open your heart and create your path.

True healing is a transformative process that picks up where successful medical treatment leaves off. You must actively pursue it. Because the fullness of our lives is experienced in the heart, the active pursuit of happiness and healing must be heart-focused.

- Tina Chadda, MD -

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outbreath meditation

October 16, 2016

Meditation using your breath is an age-old practice. Using your breath – as opposed to a candle flame or prayer beads or a mala – as a point of focus is so convenient, because your breath is always with you. This is obvious but worth…



orange ricotta cheesecake

August 31, 2016

Here’s a recipe I created in my kitchen at home in Toronto after enjoying a version of it at the Soho location of Dean & Deluca.  The versatility of when to serve this Orange Ricotta Cheesecake makes it a great recipe to have in your…



8 ways to increase your resilience

May 14, 2016

Resilience is that factor in you that allows you to bounce back from adversity. It’s also what allows you to stay aligned to your life’s overall purpose and goals when things get challenging or complicated. It’s a mental toughness that keeps you going and prevents…


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